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...Digital has yet to do this and prove it can do it...
This is a flawed assumption, 1 - the context we live in has changed, the social relevance of ALL photography has changed as has how our attention is divided. Does anyone remember when there were just three TV channels and when "everybody" talked about the same shows and news? 2 - Film and Digital systems are just tools, both fully capable of creating technically excellent work. Denying this is, IMO, simply an act of burying one's head in the sand.

Film is relevant to me because it helps me think differently and work differently than I do with digital. It gets me away from the computer, it keeps me from chimping, keeps me focussed on the subject and the craft. The cameras are great for starting conversations too. When I hand somebody a Holga and ask them to take my picture they are generally truly amused.

My use of film is "about me" and "about how I interact with the world", it is no longer a technical argument for me and never really should have been.