I'm not against digital per se; I just prefer film. While I wish film and equipment were easier to find without going online, and I realize this is because of the popularity of digital, it does not make me defensive. I'm used to being into things that are not always easy - so that's not a major factor to me.

Generally, I only get "defensive" when someone (such as my brother) decides to get into a "my camera can beat up your camera" argument. When they are extolling the virtues of being popular, cooler, futuristic, megapixels, etc., it seems to me like nothing more than bragging about... umm... size. Arguments on this level are not truly about photographic meduim, and while I don't know much about film, I do know enough about computers (read, digital cameras) that I can pick people's argumentís apart on technical merit alone, since they typically spew marketing data.

Otherwise, there is little need to get defensive - most of the digital photographers I meet anymore will just give me tips on something nearby worth photographing. It's almost as if the megapixel war ended for consumers, and now we all just want to take pictures.