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There does seem to be a lot of misinformation about Canon here.

First off.... Leica mount adapter made by canon...

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Aperture priority is stupid on older models, they only usually go to 1/1000 so you only have 5 stops before you have to worry about camera shake issues...

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Whereas shutter priority on older film models let's you choose the best shutter action for the situation (sports, or if you want semi-blur, vs a still photo where you don't need as much but the subject is closer etc etc etc). While still having a 7 stop (or more) range to play with.

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Finally, non-full-manual mode is almost always futile anyway with older models and meters aren't that great and you're working slow so why do you need the camera to do your job anyway? It's not that hard to adjust exposure.

Also... The camera is most certainly NOT mostly plastic... Very much metal...

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Just the back is plastic.

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but even the interior is metal with black paint.

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Mine was bought new just around 1981 or so, and later given to me at 12 or so, and I've shot with it for 20 years, and I've never EVER had to give it a CLA and now that it's about 30 years old, has the mirror started to stick when taking vertical shots (this only affects the return of the mirror and not the image itself.

That's pretty good quality...

My only complaint is the more obscure battery it takes,

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but then the Mamiya 7 takes the same battery so it works out ok for me since I have both.

Nikon DOES have an advantage as the lens mount hasn't changed much, but the change canon made to the electronic mount certainly gave them an advantage for a very long time in terms of auto focus capabilities.

You can use many MORE adapters on canon cameras than any other camera including Nikon because canon lenses rear element is much closer to the film plane, so the added adapter distances of other mounts and lenses won't interfere with the mirror operation, something that Nikon has issues with in adapting for other lens brands.

Both are GREAT camera companies, and it will all come down to feel, and where you want to go, but I wanted to clear Canon's name a bit, they make an excellent product.
A Nikon FE will go to 1/4000, it just does not show it on the scale. This was verified to me by Pete Smith RIP, the Nikonsmith using some pretty damn sophisticated testing equipment. The FE is a dandy. I have 2, one for color and one for B/W. See Ken Rockwell's review of the FE. One time I totally agree with him. Last one I got for $40 and it works perfect. Mate it with the Nikkor 50/1.8 AIS (not the E) and you have the sharpest and most bombproof rig out there.