Just wanted to let eveyone know that I tried it last night (not the leather chaps and nipple clamps) and it worked pretty good. It did take about 15 min for it to develop, but it also already had 4 sheets of 8x10 film through it too. I exposed AZO grade 2 for 2 seconds and then developed in partially used Rodinal 1:25. Since I was using hangers for the film, I loaded the AZO into a film hanger and processed that way-which I don't think I would want to do again-but I didn't want to have to set everything up just to run 1 sheet of paper. Anyway, I would say that the experiment was a sucess. Very sharp print, with very black blacks, not the blue tint that you get with some paper developers and AZO. I think I would try it again.