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I must also say that most of the darkrooms I see in this thread are better equipped and laid out than the professional ones I have worked in! It is possible to do a lot with much less, especially at amateur work rates. My (amateur) darkroom now doesn't have a sink or running water for example, but 16x20" prints are still do-able regularly.
My current darkroom (pictured above) is much better equipped than the one I designed, built and equipped for an employer in the 1980s. However, I am sure that I spent a lot less (even in inflation adjusted dollars) than the "professional" 1980s one cost my boss. Analog gear is so cheap now, I have things I could have never dreamed of even 15 years ago. And, it just accumulates.

So, yes, it is possible to do a lot more with a bit less. But if you have the space and the resources, it's just nice to have better tools.