I dunno. I split a big public retrospective with him a long time ago. But all my own work was in color at that time. Come to think of it, I did have a small black beard back then, but for some reason it didn't cause my prints to come out in black and white. I shot exclusively a Sinar back then, so maybe that was the problem - I had the wrong Swiss camera all along? Guess it has a lot to do with style. So now for my impending geezerhood I've started using a lovely old Sinar Norma - can't get classier than that - and even found a totally unused genuine Glendale Calif made Kelty Tioga pack from the 60's to carry it. Now all I need is to turn a replacement ash handle for my old wooden ice axe (it snapped half on an, uh, er, unplanned thrill ride down a steep ice slope)... Don't want to grow my beard out however, or people will recognize my real age.