For general use, I would get the 8x10" Pocket View with the all-moves rear standard. Choose the 32" bellows if you do more portrait, tele, and macro work. Choose the 24" bellows if you do more architecture, landscape, wideangle work. Alternately, if he's offering interchangeable bellows on the current model, you might get a long one and a bag bellows. I can use a 120mm lens with the 24" bellows, so I don't see the bag bellows as a real necessity.

He does offer an even lighter 8x10" now with no rear moves and a lighter rail, but the standard camera is so light, I wouldn't be inclined to give up the rear movements to shave off a couple of ounces.

The 8x10" Gowlandflex TLR was a bit of a joke, but there are 6 of them in circulation. They might still have one at Lens and Repro in New York.