Hi Alex,

I have the GW90III and have been very happy with it.

Someone mentioned something about filters with this camera. When I first got the camera, getting the filters on and off was hard to do because of the clunky built-in lens hood. After looking around at some Fuji forums, I did what some other people have done - I cut the lens hood off very carefully and got a a wide angle lens hood for a couple of bucks on eBay. Now filters are easy to get on and off.

As far as the T setting is concerned, I use that as Bulb. But there is a little hitch: when you fire the shutter while you are using T, the shutter does NOT close until you advance the film. So you have to cover the lens at the end of the exposure and advance the film to close things down.

It is a great camera! The limitations of the GWs are obvious, fixed lens and so on. Your legs have to be your telephoto. The fixed lens, for me, leads to a more relaxed style of shooting.The negatives and chromes from the camera are great!

If you do any darkroom work and want to print the Fuji shots yourself, make sure there is a 6x9 negative carrier available for your enlarger. Friends have found the carriers cheap on eBay.

Good Luck!