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That's a good take. Afterall freestyle has collaboration with film manufacturers, as they have done some rebranding. It is quite a plausible real identity for our mysterious American.
Brunner? Jason Brunner, the APUG mod? I just realised that it's been a long while I haven't seen him around.

I'll want to gram some of their chrome in 120. Still have frozen Elitechrome in 35mm and I'm in a negative mood lately (pardon the pun). Given that they partner with wittner (IIRC) they may release s8, 16mm & 35mm at first.
Time flies, it's been 2 years since Kodak left E6 and the only alternatives are respooled Fuji; By entering cine, they will reinforce E6.
Yes Jason Brunner... And yes he has been particularly quiet...

I love Fuji E-6 better than kodak even, BUT I'm concerned they will shut down.

I just like to have option.... Lol