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Yeah, I know, especially for the first run, I'll be lucky if they even make 120...
They have stated that they want to bring back as many obsolete film formats as possible, so that people can enjoy shooting with their old cameras.

I actually think this will be a winner for them, dont expect all formats to be available at once.

Im pretty sure they intend to bring back 126 format and some of the other obsolete roll films, so im pretty confident we will see 120 and sheet film being available.

Going retro is a good plan on the business sense, its going to get alot of vintage camera enthusiasts out with their cameras again.

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Yes Jason Brunner... And yes he has been particularly quiet...

I love Fuji E-6 better than kodak even, BUT I'm concerned they will shut down.

I just like to have option.... Lol
Ive never been a huge fan of fuji film, but Provia is one fuji film i intend to shoot, its sad that provia 400x has been scrapped, it was the only high iso reversal film left.
Ive never been a huge fan of disneychrome, but i wouldnt mind shooting some rolls of it for the fun.