Well, its on order and I can't wait! Its great not having menus and instead having a camera which will do as its told. After reading the detailed expose on http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography...tmls/index.htm, I realise what a technology tour de force it is compared to the M6 I was using.

I found the 1/50 flash sync on the M6 very limiting, basically meant I couldnt use it with any long lenses at night, so the M6 was ok for street, but I kept on wanting to try certain techniques only to find out it couldnt do them.

The 1/4000 mechanical shutter speed is incredible too, explains why Nikon was so successful in film. Any tips from the experienced? Anyone played with multiple exposures.. ?

Now heres the question.. what FILM should I use to break my FM3A's cherry? (looks in fridge)

1) Kodachrome 64 or 200
2) Fuji Reala 100
3) Fuji NPZ 800
4) HP5+
5) PANF 50

Im thinking some Reala 100 during the day NPZ at night cause I can drop them down to the local minilab for quick printing and scanning.


PS. Ordered the 45mm f/2.8 pancake lens too.