I'm leaving shortly for another grand tour to Alaska. I now know how bloody expensive Canadian gas is, so I'm looking for a bit more padding in my wallet before heading up. If you look at my previous posts, I sold a bunch of gear before my last trip and everyone was happy so I hope to do another similar run. Preference given to people taking more than one item. Please PM me with what you are interested in, this will create an easy quick list for me to respond to. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority. If you want photos of the box or actual rolls, just let me know and I can send them over. Paypal payment is preferred. I have the same username on eBay if you want to check my 100% positive 97 feedback score there too.

If you want something but don't like my price, PM me your reasonable offer. Worst I can say is no.

Bulk 35mm:

Ilford Mk. V Film (Test date of 21/5/73). Also has "14K/3376" as a product code? printed on the label. Sealed in original package. I bought a bunch of it and the seller included 3x what I thought the auction included. Tested to be 200-400 ASA for my purposes. Frozen since I got it a few years ago from eBay, unknown before then. All rolls I got were from same batch. 2x50ft rolls are available for $25/each.

Arista B&W Film ISO 50 (AKA Ilford Pan 50) sealed in box. Expiry: 07/2006. Bought with some other film off eBay, frozen since I got it. $40.

Efke KB25 10roll brick, sealed, bought new by me from Freestyle. 36 exposure, expires 4/2014. $80

Kodak Dupe microfilm 2468. 100ft roll, 2 available. Sealed in box. Catalog number 177 4777. One expires 04/91, other 04/96. $40/ea

Kodak Tmax 100 100ft. Expires 11/13. Bought new, frozen since purchase. $78 at B&H free shipping, buy this for $65 shipped.

Medium format:


Portra 160NC 120, expired 08/07 x2 propacks: $40 for both
E100G 120, expired 1/13 x2 propacks, bought this new: $50/ea
E100VS 120, expired 4/09 x4 rolls: $20
EPR 64 120, expired 3/03 x1 roll: $8 (buy with the E100VS for $25)


Velvia 50 RVP 220 propack sealed in box expiry: 6/04: $60
Reala 120 propack box is open, I bought new, frozen since purchase, expired: 5/13: $40
Astia 120 propack sealed in box, I bought new, frozen since purchase, x2 expired: 09/13, 11/13: $50/ea
Velvia 120 propack mixed 50/100 expiry dates 7/13 (2x RVP100), 8/13 (1x RVP50), 11/13 (2x RVP 50): $33


Kodak 160VC 10 sheet box. Expired 5/04: $22/ea (x3 avail)
Kodak 160NC 10 sheet box. Expired 5/10: $23
Fuji 160NPS 10 sheet box. Expired 1/03: $23/ea (x2 avail)
Kodak Ekta Dupe 6121, 50 sheet box. Expired 7/02: $20
Kodak Pro Copy B&W 4125, 100 sheet box. Expired 11/76: $40


Fuji FP3000B: 11/14 expiry x6, 12/14 expiry x2: $20/pack (free shipping)
Fuji FP100C: 9/14 expiry x2, 11/14 expiry x3: $7/pack (free shipping)