Nice plan, especially wonderful lenses choices as they are the best of what Nikon makes based on all the speculation and chatter I've heard. Of course finding a 28/1.4 is the hard thing; the 105/2 is a bargain.

But I wouldn't be too quick to bash Leicas. I've tried several back and forth over the years, and the M6 and 35 Summilux ASPH I once owned was the gold standard. That lens (expensive as hell) is simply amazing. I have a beautiful 30x40 print from it, and it what I compare everything short of 4x5 to. It really is worth the money, all the Leica BS aside, you should try it.

But by all means buy a new FM3 instead of a used F3. The F3 is great (get the eyelevel, not the HP, if you don't wear glasses - the eyelevel is actually easier to see) but we need to buy NEW cameras to keep the manufacturers making them.

I am disappointed with most of the plastic AF Nikon and Canon lenses. Their best lenses were all made long ago, unless you like $1500 fat heavy zooms. It's digusting that they can't package a few fast simple prime lens designs in a professional AF mount.

And finally, I just got the D2X, while thinking the D70 would serve as backup. No way. The D2X is so fricking nice that the D70 - which is a great camera on its own - looks like dogdoo in comparison. I had it listed within the hour.

It's not the resolution (although I don't mind having more) but the overall responsiveness and crispness of the modern D2X. I think the F6 film body would be similar - the auto-focus is just so good and so fast that it makes everything else feel like crap. I used to hate AF - now I see that it helps me make shots I never could have gotten with manual or zone focusing a Leica.

Bottomline - if you are going to use those wide aperture lenses like the 28/1.4 and 105/2 - do you really want to tie yourself to manual focus or zone focusing? Or the crippled, weak AF of a consumer body like a D70? Neither will get the job done right. You need a really good AF system to exploit the power of these lenses (shooting wide open, with perfect focus).

If I jsut counterdicted myself three or four times above, please understand I am in gear-techno-nirvana and have had a few drinks to boot.