Hey, just your (below) average film noob here and thought I'd introduce myself since I'm probably gonna have lots of dumb questions. So I really have no film experience, save a Canon Elph APS 370z that I had in the 90's and more recently a Superheadz Slim and Wide that I picked up last year (fun, plastic camera). I've been a digital shooter for over 10 years now, but after picking up the Superheadz, I started to think about picking up something that I could actually control but never got around to it. Unfortunately it came up again when my Canon 1DIV got stolen from the trunk of my car just before Christmas last year and I was without a camera for a couple of months. During that time I pulled my dad's old camera stuff out of storage and started messing around with it. It was an old Nikon F2 that had belonged to my grandfather before my father and that my dad used to take pics of my sister and I growing up. I remember that I hated sitting still for all those pics and now I'm the one taking the pics. I did pick up a Canon 1DX to replace my stolen cam and got sidetracked again, but have recently been looking at film once again. I doubt that F2 will ever replace my 1DX, but I feel like I need to at least explore the film world. My dad also noticed me messing around with his old stuff and went to grab my late uncle's photo stuff for me to look at and I've now inherited a Mamiya RB67 Professional to play with. So after putting it off for months, I finally sent my F2 out to get "Soverized" and am looking forward to getting that back. I think I do need to have someone look at the lenses I have, though, since they could probably use some servicing. For the Mamiya, it could use some TLC since it's got all sorts of crap inside the body so if anyone has any advice on where to send it (as well as the lenses), I'd appreciate it. I just purchased a Polaroid back for it off of eBay and a bunch of instant film (FP-100C, FP-100B and FP-3000B) and will hopefully be experimenting with those soon. The funny thing is that I've gotten so caught up with this stuff that I went out and bought a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 523/2 6x9 folder f4.5 / 105mm Novar off of eBay so that will be coming to me shortly as well. So I haven't even taken a single shot with film yet, but have all this film and have been looking constantly at cameras. I don't see myself going all film at any point, but I certainly have caught the bug for now and I'll just have to see how long it lasts. Sorry for being so long-winded, hopefully you are still conscious after reading my autobiography.