I went for a walk in the evening around Singapore with my EOS3. Stumbled past a construction-site for one of their their new subway lines, the lines and lights and shadows meant I had to take some shots of it, through a crack in the gate.
Of course then a security guard stopped me and asked me to delete it, so I had to explain that it was a film camera. To stop him thinking about just taking the whole roll, I may a good show of saying that I could double-expose that frame pointing at a light to burn the whole thing blank, pointing to the double-exposure button and all that and letting him hear the shutter for the long exposure.
Meanwhile, that double-exposed the 'next' frame, not the one I'd taken of the construciton site (but in the end, the handheld 1/2 second original exposure at night was too blurry anyway).

Of course, in Australia it's not illegal to take photos of anything but 'prescribed military sites' and things like that so I would have argued my case, but in Singapore arguing with law-enforcement is something I'd rather not try.

There's been some great constructions going on around here, street-level is easy to get, but I'd also love to get inside the half-finished buildings. Unfortunately, I know the OH&S requirements to get on-site even working for a potential supplier, I'm not even going to bother asking to bring an SLR, let alone a view-camera and tripod.