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Hey guys,

I was wondering which one was better.. The Canon AE1 or Nikon FE. I know both are great cameras. But does one have slightly better advantage?


You never say what it is you plan to do with either camera. But for general shooting, I'd say the Nikon FE is better than an AE-1.

Now, my 2 cents, a better Canon is the AE-1 Program. Even though it is considered a shutter priority camera, the AE-1P displays aperture in the viewfinders as you adjust the shutter speed dial and blinks if you get below 1/60th to let you know when you are getting into slow shutter speed conditions. It has always been an easy, reliable, and predictable camera to use, (33 years now). I personally like being able to focus with my left hand, adjust aperture and shutter speed simultaneously with my right forefinger on the shutter speed dial. I basically ignore the aperture ring and to me, that makes the AE-1P a fast camera to shoot when you learn how to use it that way.

Don't get me wrong, I shoot Nikon film and digital FX as well. I appreciate both brands.