Bulk 35mm:
Ilford Mk. V Film (Test date of 21/5/73). Also has "14K/3376" as a product code? printed on the label. Sealed in original package. I bought a bunch of it and the seller included 3x what I thought the auction included. Tested to be 200-400 ASA for my purposes. Frozen since I got it a few years ago from eBay, unknown before then. All rolls I got were from same batch. 2x50ft rolls are available for $25/each.
Arista B&W Film ISO 50 (AKA Ilford Pan 50) sealed in box. Expiry: 07/2006. Bought with some other film off eBay, frozen since I got it. $40.
Efke KB25 10roll brick, sealed, bought new by me from Freestyle. 36 exposure, expires 4/2014. $80
Kodak Dupe microfilm 2468. 100ft roll, 2 available. Sealed in box. Catalog number 177 4777. One expires 04/91, other 04/96. $40/ea
Kodak Tmax 100 100ft. Expires 11/13. Bought new, frozen since purchase. $78 at B&H free shipping, buy this for $65 shipped.

Kodak 120:
Portra 160NC 120, expired 08/07 x2 propacks: $40 for both SOLD
E100G 120, expired 1/13 x2 propacks, bought this new: $50/ea
E100VS 120, expired 4/09 x4 rolls: $20
EPR 64 120, expired 3/03 x1 roll: $8 (buy with the E100VS for $25)

Fuji 120/220:
Velvia 50 RVP 220 propack sealed in box expiry: 6/04: $60
Reala 120 propack box is open, I bought new, frozen since purchase, expired: 5/13: $40 SOLD
Astia 120 propack sealed in box, I bought new, frozen since purchase, x2 expired: 09/13 PENDING, 11/13 SOLD: $50/ea
Velvia 120 propack mixed 50/100 expiry dates 7/13 (2x RVP100), 8/13 (1x RVP50), 11/13 (2x RVP 50): $30

Kodak 160VC 10 sheet box. Expired 5/04: $22/ea (x3 avail) PENDING
Kodak 160NC 10 sheet box. Expired 5/10: $23 PENDING
Fuji 160NPS 10 sheet box. Expired 1/03: $23/ea (x2 avail) PENDING
Kodak Ekta Dupe 6121, 50 sheet box. Expired 7/02: $20 PENDING
Kodak Pro Copy B&W 4125, 100 sheet box. Expired 11/76: $40 PENDING

Fuji FP3000B: 11/14 expiry x6, 12/14 expiry x2: $20/pack (free shipping)
Fuji FP100C: 9/14 expiry x2, 11/14 expiry x3: $7/pack (free shipping) SOLD