Blimey !! ( 'London-Speak' for Goodness Gracious ) -- you are very lucky to start with such gear -- I started in 1951 with my Mum's Kodak Hawkeye Box Camera which she got by saving up 'Black Cat' Cigarette coupons in the 1930's ( as she didn't smoke it took a LONG TIME!)
Over here in UK FILM was a rareity after the war as all production went to the Armed Forces -- it was only ten years later that we could get film and one roll cost a week's pocket money for me !! I used to cycle round all the Chemists shops asking if they had any 'Outdated film cheap for a poor Schoolboy' and got a lot of Kodak Verichrome and Ilford FP3 and Selochrome for 6 pence a roll 120 size!