I wouldn't give up mine for anything. I think you'll love it when you get one! I sold my Hasselblad setup and used the money to get the Mamiya 6 and all three lenses almost two years ago. Wish I'd never bought the Hasselblad, and had just got the Mamiya first.

I had the 50, 80, and 150mm lenses for the Hassy, same focal lengths as the Mamiya 6 lenses, and the whole kit took a big bag and weighed so much it made my back hurt and my legs go numb from the weight. Part of that is my generally poor health, but even a healthy, strong guy would tire of carrying all that. I can carry my Mamiya 6, all three lenses, a spotmeter, cable release, level, and a couple of Japan Camera Hunter 120 film cases in a small messenger bag-style case all day and it doesn't hurt or cause me any health issues.

Light and small, and the image quality is magnificent! I have not touched my Leicas or any other 35mm camera since buying the Mamiya 6, since I can handhold it down to 1/15 with the 50 or 75mm lenses. The 150 is kind of a pain to use because the framelines are so small; think 135mm frames in a Leica. I rarely use that lens, so its not a big deal to me. The 50 and 75 are great.