I don't think you should shy away from it cliveh. Your cityscapes remind me of landscapes.

Only difference between that and what I consider a landscape is the subject matter which in cityscapes can't easily remove the influence of man.

In landscapes, I like scenes that hide any signs of humanity. I also like a human touch, but for this subject I want to discuss purely natural scenery.

In the Sierra Nevada, with a few miles of hiking, you can easily find scenes where the only sign of human intervention is the hiking trail. And then, since you are probably "on" that trail... Your eye is given a pristine view in two directions perpendicular to the trail. If the regulations permit you to wander off trail, soon you can have a full view entirely surrounded by natural scenery.

(Tip: In Southern Sierra, south of Sequoia National Park, you can have clear skies as well, because air travel across the mountain range is concentrated into east-west patterns over paths towards San Francisco and Los Angeles... Over Yosemite, contrails confound the skies with unnatural straight lines.).

Now, in this setting, cliveh.... Do what you always do. Stroll about, using your developed eye to scan the surroundings for beauty. Take some chances with compositions.

The photographic medium and your developed instinct for poetic expression in it... is an ideal combination.