Pt/Pd materials should be a bit cheaper than Jorge indicates. It takes about a ml of metal solution for each 8x10. 5 grams of palladium chloride from ArtCraft costs around $85 dollars and makes about 58 ml. So 1.50 for palladium, .15 or so for ferric, anywhere from .33 to 1.00 for a sheet of good paper, and you use up a small amount of developer with each print: I figure $3.00 or less per 8x10 unit. It may be hard to match these prices in Mexico, of course.

Kallitype toned with palladium or platinum can be a lovely process that looks as good as (sometimes better than) Pt/Pd and uses about 1/6 as much expensive metal. The Kalli chemicals are practically free. The downside is that the wet processing is much more elaborate and time consuming than platinum, and I've had persistent streaking trouble with large prints. The same negatives work for both processes. Kalli could be a great way to ease in to eventual printing in platinum.