Hi all, thanks for the welcome & for looking. I've been working my way through the member list and clicking all the "www" links I see... some really terrific shooters here.

Michael: Good chance I know many of the same friends! Ice hockey or inline?

Ole: Ja my father is Norwegian and my mum's Welsh. Best or worst combination ever, depending on your perspective

Frank: A couple of years ago I wrote an assessment here when I realized that my film use was increasing even as my digital use was waning.

I actually prefer a digital "back end" to the process of printing -- I'm currently able to make 50" color prints from 35mm slides, something I was never able to achieve before scanning. But the digital cameras, so far, are tedious, limited, and not very compelling to me. The top cameras seem okay but are far too large and expensive.

My wet-process cameras are instant-on, they have good lenses at the wide end, they handle faster and have greater dynamic range -- and I can fit them in the pockets of my anorak (even in the summer time). This will change eventually but I'm more concerned today with my ability to make the pictures I want -- not with keeping up with the trends in manufacturing (unless they are useful to me).

I still have digital cameras (freestanding and on my phone) and they are useful for a sort of mid-quality utilitarian shooting -- static objects, ebay sales, party snaps, and so forth. It's what they were made for.

Of course, commercial photo magazines are thralls to the Cult of the New -- Nikon doesn't spend money on ad space promoting the F2!