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What size do you prefer to print for general printing? and this will of course depend on the format size you are printing, but for 35mm negs, I quite like the old full plate size of 8.5” X 6.5”.
What the heck is general printing? I don't shoot any military portraits.

The other sentence seems to imply aspect ratio, not size specifically. I use to prefer 4:5, but my tastes over the last few years have drifted more towards 3:5, depending on subject matter, for reasons discussed here. The beauty of working with the projected image under the enlarger is that one can make those artistic and aesthetic decisions with any suitable film format, if not purposefully at the time of exposure.

If size is the issue, I find working with 16x20 sheets, utilizing its longest dimension in any suitable aspect ratio in 120 or LF, to be most pleasurable. Then again, it mostly depends on subject and composition. Some subjects are better treated small, while some scream to go as large as practicable.