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I had to hold on to my chair so as to not fall down as i was laughing so hard (and even louder as i read the edit note).

@this thread: The US is an extremely racist place, where racial segregation is still on many law books in many places, and where until not long ago water fountains were segregated, and until not long before that some humans were considered to be property in part, due to their place of origin and skin color. The situation today might be "portrayed" otherwise an has not really changed much 1mm below the surface. Ignoring those facts, and dismissing this article as propaganda of some agenda or politicization of something inane just exemplifies how bad the situation really is.

That was 50 plus years ago. Give me a break. That like saying "Germany is Nazi's" or the french is evil for Algeria or that the Japan is evil for what they did in China.

The fact is that it is much easier, even on digital, to get a good image of a lighter skinned person due to the fact that you won't underexpose the hair. Also the article shows professional shots in one hand, and snapshots in others. That is a apple to oranges comparison. Heck, even a snapshot to say, a dedicated amateur is a big leap in quality.

Now no one is shocked that Minilabs in the 70s and 80s did a bad job. They would screw up most images.