Surprisingly here in the UK Kodak B&W papers have been extremely badly marketed and very difficult to buy consistently, so much so that I can't remember seeing them on a dealers shelf in the last 20 years.

So the reason to be surprised is Kodak has big research facilities here, and many of the new advances in film & emulsion technology came from them.

I guess they thought & actually had the market domination to just ride on their trade name.

2005 is reality


I agree with the poor marketing of Kodak products in the UK, the range of Kodak B&W chemicals is one example, back in the 1970`s, Kodak D-163 was a very popular print developer which was sold as a dry powder to be made to a stock solution and diluted 1+3, or as a liquid concentrate to be diluted 1+9.
Both were discontinued, I beleive that Kodak Selectol is a modified version of D-163 and Dektol to be a modified version of D-72 along with Selectol-Soft being a modified version of D-165. Each of these formulas are deservedly popular with photographers who like to make their own developers from the basic components, yet I don`t recall Kodak advertising their excellent packaged print developers in the UK.
Walk into a branch of Jessops or London Camera Exchange and ask for Ilford Multigrade developer and the shop assistant may know the product mentioned, ask for Dektol or Selectol and the assistant may have a very puzzled expression.