I think I could photograph happily almost anywhere...it would just be different degrees of happy. As far as places that totally suck, it's a tie.

A) Malls are bad. West Edmonton Mall is really bad. The arcade in West Edmonton Mall caused every fibre of my being to scream FLEE...RUN AWAY...GET THE #%*^ OUTA HERE!!!, so I bailed and left my Honey playing Whack-a-Mole.

B) Belaying the first pitch of some climbs at the Malamute in Squamish. You're squeezed between the train tracks and the cliff on the inside of a long corner. The trains seem to lean over you as they thunder by. Like train vertigo. (It's considered bad form amongst climbers to unclip from the rope and run away while your partner is up there on the sharp end, so fleeing isn't an option).