Nope, I hand process in tanks of my own design. I thought that were I to have chemistry marks, they would most likely be streaks. In the past this has been true. However. . .Ed looks like you are right. I decided before I emptied and refilled the tanks today I would take a piece of already processed paper and run it through developer, stop, water, and blix with the overhead lights on and just see what my normal motions presented. I work under a safelight bounced in from another room so I can see the page just barely, certainly not enough to see the motion of the chemistry. ANYWAY, In the developer, no problem, even smooth coverage almost immediately,. . .then swish (remember I am not doing what I now know I am supposed to I am testing what I did last week) through the stop,. . .streaks right. . . . NO strangly enough it little round patches....hmmmm. then I have to remember that the stop is also the tank which likes to suction cup my prints down and it is not uncommon for me the use a flattened gloved hand to slide the print to a liftable position. . .now the glove only excludes my chemistry interacting, but based on Ed's thought, I notice that under my gloved push area, less of the developer has been removed in a hand print fashion. . . . . . . . I sure hope this is it. I am also going to have my son or whomever, wear gloves if they help again.