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See this link: http://elearning.winona.edu/jjs/SW4X5/

It's something like a mini-Hobo. You can make the same with an 8x10 back. (Heck, I must have a dozen 8x10 backs in crummy shape that can be rebuilt.)

My concern would be the 'focus free' part. The link above shows a camera with a focusing mount that has foot/metre scales. Very handy. There are ways around a spend focusing helix, especially if you go wide angle. We can pursue that idea if you like.

Yeah, I figured that 90mm was wide enough on a 5x7 in order to make it focus free, just like the hobo. If I want more DOF, I'd just stop down. The idea is to make it as simple as possible. Maybe having a simple "close" (like around 10 ft.) and "far" (infinity) settings would be nice, but I think that with a wide enough lens, just the infinity would be OK...

The "mini hobo" looks quite nice, but I'd like to do it in 5x7, and with a little less exotic lens! :-)