I am looking to sell a Leica screw mount Hektor 73mm f1.9. I got it a couple of months back as I was moving more towards using my Leica IIIa, but have recently drifted back towards my M3 so this gorgeous lens sadly doesn't get much use. I got it in a very reputable, dedicated camera auction and have never had any trouble with it. As I see it, this lens is a perfect portrait lens for a modern screw mount user, with its softer, lower contrast looks that don't compromise outright on resolution. I love the look of the bokeh, which goes from a creamy look. I used this mainly for scans, but the negatives themselves also looked good and I might still make a print from one to put on this post.

The lens is in a good user condition. It has recently been CLA'd by Red Dot Cameras in London, ensuring that it is all clean for its new owner! As far as I can tell, the focusing ring has been covered with leather. It is a good job and hard to notice, but obviously this dents the 'collector' value. From what I can see the original ring is still underneath the leather.The black brass paint has worn off in areas, not uniformly though. The aperture blade has been absolutely great since I got it back, and don't catch whilst turning.

The optics are about 7/10 cosmetically[COLOR=#333333], biggest issue is what "appears" to be balsam separation. No impact on image and checked over by professionals but obviously this has impacted the price. There are also small air bubbles in the back which don't affect the image. There are also cleaning marks on the front element and some very light haze inside, but neither have affected the images as far as I can tell, just cosmetic issues. [/COLOR]

Serial no: 377498, the lens comes with a Leica lens holder only

I would like 850 for it, although I need a fast sale so drop me a line with what you think!

I would like a cash sale, but I would be open to trades with LF 4x5, 8x10 kits, or part-exchange for Leica M lenses, Pentax 67II kits, Nikon F3, Nikon F100. Just write it below and I will consider it!

Sale by Paypal, and shipping to select Asian countries, EU, UK, US and Canada.

I will donate 2% to APUG.

Old thread with Photos (I would have updated the old one but I have now learnt that you cant change thread titles. -.-)

Flickr album with images taken with lens