My trusty old suitcase for my 8x10 has finally given up (busted locks)!
I now need a new "box" for my gear and I'd like to have something in which my camera can sit opened & well protected (as opposed to folded in the suitcase) and in which I can store ~ 10 holders, a couple lenses, light meter, voice recorder, notebook etc. All the trappings in one box for easy access (spare film, tools, changing bag can stay in the car). I want something rigid that lays flat on the ground with a handle on top (with the camera and holders remaining upright of course). A case with camera/holders in the bottom compartment and lens, meter the lid? Bonus points if it looks like dirty laudry is inside as opposed to $10K's worth of camera gear!
NO backpacks for me! This is only to get my gear from the car to my shooting spot and from the car back into the house for storage. See what I'm after?