Oh Hogwash!
Also, the comparison is what between 2 or 3 lenses? Every system currently has at least twice that number. One could spend a lifetime comparing, if there was to be a "generalisation".

Also, What you are suggesting is very local to cameras without AA filters? (is it?) If so - wouldn't it mean that all current MFDBs attached to older cameras (V series, etc.,) would be out of whack?

One of the better things about the Nikon system (SLR, not mirrorless) is that you have compatibility for most things right back from somewhere in the 60s to now (at least mechanically).
I have used a current Dx "G" lens on a Mechanical Nikon and images came out fine - incidentally I shot them all at f22 cos it's a "Gelded" lens.
Have also used the 50 f1.4 AI on then current D90 and it sparkles.