Ryan, another option is to use Polaroid color film; that is, if you can use prints vice chromes. The 8x10 size requires a serious investment in the processesor and film holders. Do an E-bay search for Polaroid 8x10 and you will see several examples.

Second option is to get a Polaroid 545 series 4x5 holder and use Type 59 sheet film. This setup has the most flexibility. I think it would allow use of the Kodak and Fuji ready-load film packs, but I have no experience with them.

Third option is a Polaroid 405 holder and use the Type 669 color pack film. Its the most economical way to shoot Polaroid.

Finally, you could get a 120 roll film back. That would allow use of all the 120 films available. I have an old Calumet 6x7 holder and several rolls of film I would be willing to part with.

My suggestion is to make sure your Professor is clear on what type of film is allowable - print or tranny. If its tranny, the 120 back would be the most economical.

Send me a PM if you need further details.