Afternoon all.
I have been saving up various nifty items so I can spend a weekend building a couple pin hole cameras. It's one of those projects you just push off and off ... and ...
I do have a Holga and a Diana with pin hole options, which are neat. But I want the satisfaction and disappointment and small successes that come with cameras that I built by hand.
I am using a couple little tins (Altoids-style) and I want to use 35 mm film. I am not a professional and I have no access to darkroom equipment which I would need if exposing photographic paper.

Here's the big question. I have seen TONS of users with little squares of 35mm film taped/magneted etc inside their cameras. But I cannot for the life of me determine how you do this? From cutting, to loading and unloading the film since it cannot be exposed to any light.
And I am right that red light/dark room environment doesn't work with unexposed film?

So ... how do I trim, load, unload and process these wee pieces?