Hi Ryan,

When I was exploring whether or not to get into LF I had rented an 8x10 camera from Calumet and shot both B&W and Color Neg over a weekend. Calumet had a full stock of 8x10 color film in various types. I personally chose Kodak 160VC. I developed them in my JOBO with a borrowed 8x10 Expert Drum using a Tetanal C-41 kit. Processing was really easy in the Expert Drum but I'm not sure about developing them in trays. I had a local lab contact print them for me as I did not have access to any color printing equipment. I never really formed an opinion though on the 4x5 enlarged to 8x10 vs. 8x10 contact printed. It was my first outing with the 8x10 and at the time did not really think about comparing them in that way.