Much of what you say is strictly true, polyglot, but an alternative take would be that all of the difficulties outlined are also opportunities for a great deal of fun and learning, and it would be a shame if the OP went away with the idea that s/he is embarking on something unworkably difficult, or worse is "doing it wrong".

At the moment, amongst other daftness, I'm working with paper negatives and lith film negatives about 45x40mm using a Rollei double film canister as the (pinhole) camera. It's a bit of a faff, but I'm getting some nice results. They can be developed in small pots or glass jars under safelight, and I might yet try it with ordinary film, where all I'll have to do is switch the light off.

It's not hard to make a small room dark enough for this sort of work, even with pan materials.