I'm looking for a cheap 4x5 field camera as the calumet c400 is just too difficult for me to easily use it in the field. Right now I'm considering the Burke and James 4x5 woodfield. It's not a box folding camera, it actually folds more out into a monorail type with movements like one (it actually has more rise and tilt than my calumet!). Does anyone have any info or suggestions? It only has 14" of bellows w/o an extension bed, but I'm getting better in the shop and will try to fashion my own to cut down on costs--same goes for lens boards. The lens board are also 5.25" square and will therefore accept most lenses usable for 4x5. The cost for one of these with new bellows, an uncoated 150 xenar, 4 double film holders, and w/o the extension bed is under $300. Though I'm going to go for a more modern lens in a modern shutter. Good deal?