I'm probably going to be buying it from Midwest photo exchange. After totaling it up (like you just did Robert) it may not be worth it (it's $269). For $219 they have the B&J w/o any of the extras but with new bellows. The plus about the package with the 150 is that it comes with a lensboard and I was going to see what size it was cut for and if I could change the uncoated xenar for a more modern lens and how much I would be paying for that (deducting the cost of the xenar). Or just getting the camera for $219 and checking to see if they have any lens boards and their cost. There is a B&J woodfield on ebay right now w/o lens board but it has the extension bed, but there's still 5+ days remaining.

Yes, the problem with the cc400 is more shape than weight. The weight really isn't the problem *though lighter would be a plus.