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Never had the ITAH, but I've been asked several times if my RB67 was a movie camera. Once I had my RB on a tripod taking a shot of the foot bridge at a local park when an elderly gentleman and what I imagine was his grandson stopped about 30 feet away, and the fellow said "see that camera boy? That mans a professional, if only he knew how wrong he was. The best one happened while I was walking down the main street of a nearby town, a woman who was probably in her mid 50's stopped and asked me what kind of camera I was using. I told her it was Mamiya RB67 and it was a medium format film camera. She looked at me like I must be on drugs and said "film, film they stopped making that 20 years ago". When I assured her that film was still available she said "well where on earth do you get it developed". "I do it myself" I said, she immediately gasped and replied "surely thats illegal". I just kind of sighed and she wondered off.
Sadly, she's probably already reproduced - thus passing along both the genetic and attitudinal imbecility she manifests.