Well, I have been in the process of finding an alternative to this which would be an internegative of sorts, but with my copy cameras two generations are as good as one, so it shouldn't be noticed. The problem with internegative film as such, is that it is limited in size, but because of what I have available through aerial photography, I hope to find a way to utilize a clear film negative or display material as a negative of contact size. Then we would be sure not to loose quality. Enlarge once to the correct size up to 42" wide I believe (but this may have changed) and contact print from there. Essentially only one generation. But as it is clear, I have yet to satisfactorily flashed a correct base density or color. I'm working on it though and I usually succeed, it is just a matter of finding time and energy. I think I am getting a densitometer here soon, so I should be able to get a handle on that pretty quick, and all the chaos with the aerial roll of film has really nudged my understanding of color and what affects it. So were I to have time soon, I think I have some viable options on the way to get a consistent color mask.

anyway I think I am rambling while I sleep type. I am awaiting dinner to be quite ready then off to bed. Sleep well everyone. ZZZZZZZ