Bell & Howell/Canon Canonet 1^9

I grew up on fast-lensed Japanese RF cameras, but I swear they were all pitifully short-lived. As early as the late 1970s, it seemed that any time I saw one for resale (Yashica Lynx, Minolta Hi-Matics, Konica Auto-X, etc) - they had their shutters frozen shut. In the last ten years, I must have picked up a thousand of these, only to find dead shutters.

At a flea market in Ohio, I saw the Canonet 1 (hyperscript 9) in a badly-beaten leather gadget bag (complete with a flashgun and a few boxes of AG1Bs), and, to my astonishment - the shutter works! Even at the one-second setting! (slide film is now on order).

The camera came loaded with KM64, likely from the box for the same marked with 1979 expiry (I'm gonna try to make B&W negs from it!)

A sad sight: 3 Kodak processing mailers that went unused.