So far I have received five excellent cards. My comments follow:

Chocochick93 - "Rainy Day in New Westminster" - A nice, moody treatment of a moody place. Printed well as well.
Mark_S - "Painted Ladies" - I really like the choice of angle of view on this card - it suits the subject well. And the print is excellent
TimVermont - "Historic Deerfield Village" - A really nice contact print that drew me right in.
TXFZ1 - "Cathedral Spires" - Deep, dark shadows that give a great sense of a beautiful and majestic place. And again, very well printed.
drpsilver - "Clouds, St. Helena" - After the year that Darwin has had, it is no wonder he is looking to the sky! So beautiful and peaceful - thanks!

So that is 5 down, and 15 to go.

My cards are printed and labelled. I'll try to have them in the mail tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for participating.