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I need to finish a series of ongoing frames in a very smooth , tough method , much like the satinwood finish you get in commercial frames from all the major suppliers.
We have tried every possible method and are getting close but no cigar.
I need to finish the wood in black or white and I do not want the finish like a piano but a more dull satin smooth look.
Has anyone figured a way to do this any help would be greatly appreciated.
We cut and join our frames inhouse and up until now , oiled or stained the wood but the grain always shows through and I am trying to avoid the wood grain.
Ebony / black / dark walnut "wiping stain" mixed with a spray type lacquer and applied with a touch up gun or an air brush. Lacquer dries in seconds and the dark stain will hide "most" if not all of the grain.

Here in Ottawa, I buy this for refinishing antique radio cabinets and I get it from "Randalls Paints". You won't find this at a mass merchant. They won't even know what you're talking about.

As far as the finish level goes, the lacquer will dry shiny, but a rub with some 0000 steel wool will wipe away the gloss and leave an absolutely level "satin" or slightly less than satin finish.

cheers eh?