I have two XA's. One that I've used for a roll or two and one that is super clean in its original case. But i have a bazillion cameras.
The XA is capable of good results. I have seen some outstanding prints from the XA and XA2.

The key, like with any camera, is to learn its personality.
And the XA does have personality.
But you are either going to love it or hate it. The rangefinder works using a lever on the bottom. it may be too small for some hands.
The lens vignettes at full aperture but less so at smaller apertures. The shutter release is very shallow and needs all most no pressure. The shutter is extremely quiet, sometimes your not sure if it fires.
If you are looking for a small fun camera that is serious enough for serious photographers, this is it.
Spend some extra money and buy one that is known good.

But if you are serious about getting into film photography, stop messing around with those compacts and get an SLR. Ask around here and I am sure someone will give you a deal on one.