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Seriously, I'm concerned about xray exposure being greater for plastic cannisters. Any comments?
Sorry. I don't have any experience with the plastic cans. If you're really concerned, perhaps you could stow the film in some kind of metal box? A coffee can would be quite a bit heavier metal than that used for 35mm canisters. I guess it depends on how much film you're planning to carry though.

San Francisco is a very modern and well supplied city. There are several well stocked stores here. Why not simply purchase what you need when you get here?

Alternatively, you could send all your film ahead of you via Fed-Ex. They will not x-ray that which is declared as film (or, so they say). There are a bunch of us living here in the SF Bay area. I am sure any of us would be happy to receive you film. I don't get into the city very often but, am happy to help in this fashion if you wish....send me a PM if that is what you want to do.