I talked with a Jobo employee today who said that a company called www.omegasatter.com will be taking over Jobo USA's duties in the next couple of weeks. They look to be a pretty solid outfit with many diversified interests. When I asked this Jobo employee if the new company would be retaining the former Jobo USA employees he said, "no-we're going have to find new jobs". He suggested that I download all the CPP-2 manuals and guides while it's still available.

Calumet no longer has Kodak paper for sale on their website except for AZO. I wonder how many photographers have bought freezers to store their favorite papers?

Fred Picker advised his students to buy and freeze large quantities of a certain bromide Kodak paper way back in 1973!

It looks like India and the former Soviet bloc countries will be the salvation of analog photographers.

Does anyone really think that 4x5 sheet film will cost $8.00 per sheet?