Another option for general room ilumination, is a 24" flourescent lamp with a Doran/Premier safelight sleeve over the tube. Their brown, dark OC color is ok with variable contrast papers. The shadowless light coming from the 24" long bulb is wonderful in a darkroom, most of which are traditionally lit like a coal mine with a few puddles of dull glowlight here and there.

If you use it for general room light, it would probably be at least 5' from your enlarger or processing area, and should't cause any fogging (test, first, of course). I have two of them in my 12'x14' darkroom, and have never had fogging in the 15+ years of using them.

For inspection and local safelight, I hang some good 'ol Kodak beehive lights on footswitches. Put any color filter you want in them (a green #3 for developing by inspection, a red for those Forte papers, a diffused white for print evaluation, etc.).

I also have a Thomas, but it's outside in my windowless finishing area. It throws some light throught the darkroom door, which I leave open when printing. Those Thomas saflights will give you sunburn, I can't get used to that much light when I'm composing on the easel.