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I ran across this simple procedure to convert Kodak 616 and 116 panoramic cameras to use 120 film. If you have an old folder you would like to shoot again this will do it for you.

A review of Kodak's 116 and 616 cameras: http://kodak.3106.net/index.php?p=212

Converting a 616 camera with PDF link: http://kodak.3106.net/index.php?p=516

PDF instructions: http://kodak.3106.net/download/616pa...sion-RevBE.pdf
Hello all I have several 616 cameras. I want to be able to use them. I know I could come up with a way to make 120 film work;but don't want to reinvent the wheel.

I did a search for converting 616 cameras to 120 and found references to this pdf in several places including this forum.

I cannot get these links to the pdf to work. Does anyone have a copy or know the correct address?

Thanks to everyone on this forum.