Having gotten my start in photography purely in the film era, but at the dawn of digital, I have no anxiety over shooting film. I put 30-some rolls of film through my Rolleiflex in Paris last October. I had some pleasant surprises but no nasty letdowns (some pictures turned out better - or even MUCH better - than I expected, but no turkeys or completely flubbed shots). I would rather travel and shoot with film than digital, because I don't have to bring along a separate computer that invites theft/damage/loss on the road. A thief is much more likely to target my laptop than they are my Rolleiflex. The laptop requires a stable power supply - the Rollei requires none. In the end, what it comes down to though is familiarity and comfort with the tools you have. If I were used to shooting with my Canon 5D all the time, and someone swapped it out for my Rollei, I'd be freaked out, insecure, nervous and excitable too.