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... As for the caste system, it still exists.
Of COURSE it does. Please re-read what I have written: NEARLY eliminate the *intense* caste system - and this is more true in the Industrial settings than on the street. I did not say ENTIRELY eliminate. It was a MAJOR reduction in the barriers between worker and supervisor, in comparison to what went on before.

The Japanese have been known to work 24 hours a day. Amazing!! Do you want me to count the times I have done that, here in the USA, working on the Space Program?

Someday, if I have the energy, I'll write about the largest FIASCO I've ever seen of heard about - the relocation of a manufacturing line to one of the "Third World" Countries to save labor costs. "They'll work of $2.50 a DAY!!!" But -- they could make the same amount of money harvesting bananas ... so the work force was severely unstable... and there were *no* funds for training.
Eight months and $$$$$ later, the parent company had all in-process work shipped to home base. We didn't even bother opening all the boxes - just took them to the nearest landfill and dumped it all.