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The laptop requires a stable power supply - the Rollei requires none. In the end, what it comes down to though is familiarity and comfort with the tools you have
These are a couple of nice points.
What I like of film is that you don't need the strict power management (traded for film management though). And you don't have to be tethered to the grid every day or X days for charging everything.
That is great for some locations where power isn't ubiquitous.

Ditto on the tools. Coming up below may be a bit of a personal rant.
I see that within our society, newer tools seem to just dismiss or question the older ones. Hype.
I noticed that when a friend changed his glasses. He seemed to dislike the older ones much more.

Film has been what it is for quite a while. Then there is the new set of challenges that digital has.
YMMV as they say. I'm a college student that has grown in the digital era and have a particular point of view.

I have to recognise that I have to do a trip completely on film. There is always some kind of digital for the snapshots and easy sharing. The "good stuff" (the body of photo work I want) is handled by film.
Frankly, this very phone I am writing in now has a decent enough camera for this funcition and that lets me concentrate further on film.